Mar 1, 2017
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Boyfriends Name Tattoo Across Her Face After Knowing Him For 24 Hours

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You may have been made to feel uncomfortable at the beginning of 2013 when Lesya Toumaniantz a young Russian girl brutally had the name of a man that she’d known physically for around 24 hours tattooed in huge black gothic script across her face.

Lesya had met Rouslan on the internet while Rouslan was tattooing from Belgium in his hometown and Lesya was living in the small central Russian city Saransk. Upon finally meeting in the physical world after courting on the internet and ‘having a lot in common’ they both decided that Rouslan could tattoo a whole 5 inches of gothic script reaching from cheek to cheek on Lesya’s mostly unmodified body.

Besides from being the bearer of the name on the girl’s face he also tattooed it himself. Rouslan is not unknown to controversy within the tattoo world, low-grade tabloids internationally were shocked by his design of 54 stars on a woman’s face who claimed that ‘she had fallen asleep while being tattooed’ and was apparently horrified with the results a few years ago. (this later turned out to be some bizarre hoax, falling asleep while having your face continuously tattooed for a couple of hours seems completely unrealistic but also adds to Rouslan’s strange character).

The reputation of this man could hardly be considered wholesome prior to the flourishing relationship with this young girl especially when seeing them together in photographs. Posing for photographs together Lesya’s milky clear naked skin and ruthlessly masked face against Rouslan’s greenish tattoos and face stretched in more directions than usual created a sinister image of a relationship.


Upon initially seeing this virally spread across the internet last year it left a dark impression and rose many questions. Facial tattooing is obviously becoming increasingly popular and has been filtering into the mainstream for the last few years via the music scene and reality television programs. Nonetheless, facial tattooing has been taking the stance of the script above the eyebrow, a teardrop below the eye or a figure emerging beside the ear, like a form of decoration rather than something to cover or hide the face. Lesya’s tattoo also isn’t coherent in any way with any other trends of tattooing, it sticks out painfully in its placement and size.

What Rouslan performed on his new wife instantly smacks you with the impression that he has branded her, created her into a possession that he owns and permanently hiding her beautifully youthful face as something that belongs to him. What kind of man would think or practice that this is a viable or loving thing to do to someone that you care about? No one will ever be able to now look at her without looking at him.

Meanwhile, after a few years, they are married and still in love.

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