Apr 6, 2018
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70 Tiny Tattoos That Show Greater Isn’t All the time Higher

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70 Tiny Tattoos That Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better - TattooBlend

Take it from a lady who solely fantasizes about tiny, refined, and irresistible tattoos, that these little designs gives you most affect with minimal dedication. Although my fixed ideas of tattoos are some what of a curse, it does result in me digging up some fairly incredible designs which I in flip move on to you. You’re welcome. Behold, the highest tiny tattoos that this ink-obsessed woman swears by.


(Photo: Vivo)

This aircraft.

Plane by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

This tiny toe tat.

Tiny floral toe tattoo by Laeviv

(Photo: Laeviv)

These tiny fish.

Small fish by Victor Zabuga

(Photo: Victor Zabuga)

This moon.

Gradient moon by Lara Maju

(Photo: Lara Maju)


Mickey Mouse by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

This cute constellation.

Constellation by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

Books and occasional.

Books and coffee by Jay Shin

(Photo: Jay Shin)

These eyelashes.

Eyelashes by Patricia Fedrigo

(Photo: Patricia Fedrigo)

These apples.

Apples by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

It’s alright, ma.

'It's alright, ma.' by Cagri Durmaz

(Photo: Cagri Durmaz)

This crown of thorns.

Crown of thorns by Duplicate

(Photo: Duplicate)

This bee.

Bee by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

Why fear.

'Why worry.' by Chaehwa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

This feathered arrow.

Feathered arrow by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This paper airplane.

by Witty Button

(Photo: Witty Button)

This minimalistic flower.

Minimalistic flower by Evan

(Photo: Evan)

These koi.

Koi by Vitaly Kazantsev

(Photo: Vitaly Kazantsev)

This sunflower.

Sunflower by Dragon

(Photo: Dragon)

These stunning decorations.

by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

These birds.

Birds by Laeviv

(Photo: Laeviv)


NY tattoo by Wittybutton

(Photo: Witty Button)

This spaceman.

Spaceman by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This compass.

Compass by CH

(Photo: CH)

This lotus flower.

Lotus flower by Vivo

(Photo: Vivo)

This arrow.

by Tattooist River

(Photo: River)

Peter Pan.

Peter Pan by Playground

(Photo: Playground)


Lettering by Chaehwa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

This lotus flower.

Lotus flower by Chaehwa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

This bracelet.

Bracelet by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This ear tat.

Ear tat by Hannah Nova Dudley

(Photo: Hannah Nova Dudley)

‘Attempt on a regular basis.’

'Try everyday' by Goun

(Photo: Goun)

This sapphire stone.

Sapphire by June Jung

(Photo: June Jung)

This crescent moon.

Crescent moon by Tattooist Flower

(Photo: Flower)

These crossed fingers.

Crossed fingers by Christopher Vasquez

(Photo: Christopher Vasquez)


Dreams by JoJo

(Photo: JoJo)


Breathe by Winter Stone

(Photo: Winter Stone)

This excessive heel.

High heel by Laeviv

(Photo: Laeviv)

This little airliner.

Little airliner by Michelle Santana

(Photo: Michelle Santana)

This origami elephant.

Origami elephant by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This dino.

by Victor Zabuga

(Photo: Victor Zabuga)

This Harry Potter tat.

Harry Potter tat by Cholo

(Photo: Cholo)

This coronary heart.

Heart by Jorge Carvalho

(Photo: Jorge Carvalho)

This stunning black and gray ink rose.

Black and grey ink rose by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This cherry blossom.

Cherry blossom by Mini Lau

(Photo: Mini Lau)

Lady energy.

Girl power by Evan Tattoo

(Photo: Evan)

This cranium.

Skull by Sanghyuk Ko

(Photo: Sanghyuk Ko)

This gradient moon.

Gradient moon by Handitrip

(Photo: Handitrip)

This desert.

by Panta Choi

(Photo: Panta Choi)

These olive branches.

Olive branches by Winter Stone

(Photo: Winter Stone)

These finger tats.

Finger tats by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

‘I don’t surrender.’

'I don't give up.' by Channing Tattoo

(Photo: Channing)

This evergreen.

Evergreen by Tattooist Up

(Photo: Up)

These birds.

Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

This coronary heart.

by Sak Lai

(Photo: Sak Lai)

These matching elephant tats.

Elephants by ISA

(Photo: ISA)

This watercolor flower.

Watercolor flower by Tattooist River

(Photo: River)

This flight path.

Flight path by Handitrip

(Photo: Handitrip)

This cute cherry blossom.

Cute cherry blossom by Muha

(Photo: Muha)

These dots of coloration.

Color dots by M Tendo

(Photo: M Tendo)

This decoration.

Ornament by Aaron Is

(Photo: Aaron Is)

This watercolor rose.

Watercolor rose by June Jung

(Photo: June Jung)

And one other.

Rose by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

And one more.

Blackwork rose by Abel

(Photo: Abel)

This little elephant.

Elephant by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

This star.

Star by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

This define of a canine.

by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This small decoration.

Small ornament by Lara Maju

(Photo: Lara Maju)

This sunflower.

Sunflower by Cholo

(Photo: Cholo)

This libre.

Libre by Mimi Mine

(Photo: Mimi Mine)


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