Feb 14, 2017
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50 Bizarre Permanent Eyeball Tattoos #No Fake

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For all those who have become bored with body tattoos, there is now the possibility to tattoo their eyes. This is no joke, this is no fake, this is real!

For this, a syringe is stuck in your eye and color is injected under the conjunctiva. The method has been around for eight years and is practiced mainly in the US. In the so-called “scleral tattoo” only the white part of the eye is dyed. Theoretically, however, it is also possible to change the iris, that is, the colored part of the eye. Unlike a classic tattoo, the possibilities of stinging motifs are very limited. The color spreads irregularly between the two layers and is always in motion. Even if most tattoo artists have the color with a syringe in the eye, they use in a few cases also the normal tattoo machine. From a medical point of view, you can not say anything about long-term damage. Known complications are, for example, infections, allergic reactions, loss of visual acuity or worst case of the whole eye. Because of the many and fine blood vessels in the eye, even with the best tattooists, it is a question of happiness whether or not it comes to bleeding because of the injection. The eyes are completely healed after about two or three months. In the first few weeks, they may be slightly swollen or itchy. There are cases where even a year after the operation some ink can leak out. Either in the form of colored tears or colored spitters. Making your eyes tattooed is not more painful than when the skin is decorated. The burning of the ink when it flows into the eye is worst. An anesthetic can be used for particularly delicate plantlets.

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