May 14, 2018
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45 Excellent Armband Tattoos for Males and Ladies

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These waves.

Korean water painting sleeve by Arang Eleven

(Photo: Arang Eleven)

This vibrant floral armband.

Vibrant floral armband by Fiu Tran

(Photo: Fiu Tran)

This gradient sample.

Gradient pattern by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This unfavorable house armband tattoo.

Negative space armband tattoo by G/O

(Photo: G/O)

This cloud armband.

Cloud armband tattoo by Avery

(Photo: Avery)

This tiger armband.

Tiger armband by Recycle

(Photo: Recycle)

This dotwork armband.

Dotwork armband by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This love band.

Love armband by Marinka

(Photo: Marinka)

This lace armband.

Lace armband by Krissy Diane

(Photo: Krissy Diane)

This decorative armband.

Ornamental armband by Miki

(Photo: Miki)

This conventional type armband.

Traditional style armband by Jacob Christopher Morris

(Photo: Jacob Christopher Morris)

This floral armband.

Floral watercolor armband

(Picture: Artist unknown)

This tribal armband.

Tribal armband by Manawa

(Photo: Manawa)

This cranium armband.

Skull armband by Arang Eleven

(Photo: Arang Eleven)

These swirls.

by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This Polynesian armband.

Polynesian armband by Robertto

(Photo: Robertto)

And one other.

Polynesian armband by Akshay Raja

(Photo: Akshay Raja)

This geometric dotwork band.

Geometric dotwork band by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This scrollwork armband.

Scrollwork armband by Angixxe

(Photo: Angixxe)

This superior armband.

by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This watercolor armband.

Watercolor armband by Yeliz Ozcan

(Photo: Yeliz Ozcan)

This colourful floral armband.

Colorful floral armband by Touche

(Photo: Touche)

This Hokusai wave.

Japanese armband by Arang Eleven

(Photo: Arang Eleven)

This sample.

by Rahul Bhardwaj

(Photo: Rahul Bhardwaj)

This easy floral armband.

Simple floral armband by Robbyn Banks

(Photo: Robbyn Banks)

This inventive armband.

by Starzz

(Photo: Tattoo Starzz)

These matching friendship bands.

Matching friendship bands by Akshay Raja

(Photo: Akshay Raja)

This younger girl.

Armband tattoo via Jeison Piexoto

(Photo: Jeison Piexoto)

These traces & stipples.

by G/O

(Photo: G/O)

This lovely armband.

Armband by Laura Martinez

(Photo: Laura Martinez)

This geometric fade.

Geometric fade by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This heavy blackwork band.

Heavy blackwork band by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This Maori armband.

Maori armband by Manawa

(Photo: Manawa)

These ornamental bands.

Decorative bands by Kasia Orlowska

(Photo: Kasia Orlowska)

This unfavorable house floral armband.

Negative space floral armband by Justin Oliver

(Photo: Justin Oliver)

This cosmic armband.

Cosmic armband by Destiny Rensen

(Photo: Destiny Rensen)

The blackwork background.

by Luis Dajer

(Photo: Luis Dajer)

This inventive armband.

Armband by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This watercolor galaxy.

Galaxy armband by Koray Karagozler

(Photo: Koray Karagozler)

These three bands.

by Asaurit

(Photo: Asaurit)

This blackwork fade.

Blackwork fade by Adrian Largo

(Photo: Adrian Largo)

This triangular sample.

Armband by Akshay Raja

(Photo: Akshay Raja)

This floral armband.

Floral armband by Amilcar Eikenaar

(Photo: Amilcar Eikenaar)

These brushstroke bands.

Brushstroke bands via Metrictats

(Photo: Metrictats)

These botanical bands.

Botanical bands by Arang Eleven

(Photo: Arang Eleven)

This geometric armband.

Geometric armband by Ervand

(Photo: Ervand)

This Maori design.

Maori armband by Manawa

(Photo: Manawa)


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